Is Google’s AI research about to implode?

Screendshot from Montezuma Revenge
Examples of lies and conspiracy theory parotted by GPT-3 (work by Kris McGuffie and Alex Newhouse)
How two different epidemic models (blue and red) with very different assumptions can both fit the existing data but give very different predictions
Example images from the Pilot Parliaments Benchmark (PPB) dataset, taken from Buolamwini and Gebru (2018). The aim of creating data sets like this — which are more balanced by gender and skin type — is to aid both with the training and testing of face recognition models.



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David Sumpter

David Sumpter


Professor of Applied Mathematics. Books: The Ten Equations (2020); Outnumbered (2018); Soccermatics (2016) and Collective Animal Behavior (2010).